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At VER de TERRE, we believe that our good qualities, timeless design and life-extending measures play an important role in our products' impact on the world. But based on circular principles and in respect of the resources used to create our products, we now take an important step forward together with our customers and ensure our VER de TERRE products a new life when they have served their role with one family.

Let us therefore buy back the products that your family does not use, so that a new family can benefit from the products that you no longer use. You save money on your next purchases.

We are working to make this possible worldwide so bear with us -


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What is RE-LOVE?

VER de TERRE wants to contribute to the establishment of a more responsible consumer culture, and we have made it our mission to help our consumers engage in life-extending use and treatment of our products. We very much hope that you will join us. As a consumer, however, it is not always easy to know where to start.

The best thing we can do for the planet is to cut down on our consumption, buy timeless styles of high quality, and extend the life of the products we have. That is why we have established the RE-LOVE universe, where you can sell and buy used VER de TERRE products and thus contribute to a better future for our children

Advantages of buying RE-LOVE clothes

Some may become insecure when buying secondhand in relation to condition and durability. However, you don't have to fear this through our concept. The advantage of buying recycled clothes through our RE-LOVE shop is that you have the same rights as when buying ordinary products.

You therefore have both the right of return and the same complaint rights as when purchasing new products. This means that you have both the option to return as normal, and you have the option to advertise if the accident were to happen and something breaks.

The range of RE-LOVE products

At our RE-LOVE secondhand shop you can find a large selection of VER de TERRE products, including outerwear in several colours, sizes and materials. The selection consists of submissions from other customers who have previously used and loved the products, but you may also be lucky enough to find products that have been used for photo shoots and are therefore completely unused.

By buying RE-LOVE products you can save up to 80% of the new price. All products are carefully assessed and priced based on the stand. The condition of the products can be seen at the top of the product page, and they are divided into three categories, respectively "OK", "Good" and "Like new". On the product page you can also see pictures of the RE-LOVE products.

The RE-LOVE universe is a collection of different products, and you thus have the opportunity to find everything from flight suits to ski gloves and vests for adults. However, there is often only one product of each type, so sometimes you have to be quick to get hold of the product you have chosen on the page. If your favorite coat or an older product is not online, you can keep an eye on the RE-LOVE page, where we regularly put new products on sale.

When looking at RE-LOVE products, it is important to consider the material the product is made of, as this can have an impact on the product's ability to absorb stains. A good rule to remember is that products with down are made of the thinnest and finest material to make them as light as possible, thereby making the fabric more delicate and can develop a patina over time. If you want a product that is less delicate, the waterproof and breathable outer fabric (10,0000mm/10,000gr) and the PU outer fabric that the flight suits are made of can be recommended.


If you have any VER de TERRE clothing that you no longer wear, we would be honored to return it. Once we have received, checked and assessed your clothes, we put them up for sale so that there is a new owner who can enjoy the clothes. As a thank you, you will receive a discount code of 25%, which can be used on our webshop, and then it is entirely up to you whether you want to use it on new or RE-LOVE styles. We will of course pay the shipping for your return.

Step 1

Register the products you want to return

The concept is structured so that you have the opportunity to hand in all your products bought on our webshop or at a dealer.

You start your submission by stating where you bought the product you wish to submit by clicking on the link below.

VER de TERRE Retrade


When handing in goods purchased on our website

Create trust with your customers by explaining the story of your brand. Share your values ​​or what is important to you.


When returning products purchased from another retailer

Next, you will be asked to register the products you wish to return and enter your details so we know who to send the voucher to.

You will then receive an email with your voucher and a return label, so you can send in your products quickly and easily.


When you buy recycled clothes through our RE-LOVE shop, you have the same rights as when buying ordinary products. This means that you have both the option to return as normal, and you have the option to advertise if the accident were to happen and something breaks.

A return form and package label are attached, which you can use if you wish to return the RE-LOVE product after receipt.

Do you need help?

All information appears under the description on the product page. If you have any questions in connection with the delivery or purchase of a RE-LOVE product, you are always welcome to contact us at or +45 39645110, where we are ready to help you.